One thought on “Boo & Skip: The Best PGs in the Region?

  1. I’m listening to you guys talk…..and you completely left out Jalen Warley ’21 PG from Westtown. He’s 6’5 has as many high D1 offers as all the PGs you mentioned. He played against Lynn Grier and gave him trouble. He played against all those guards except for Hargard and gave them trouble. Jalen plays on a national schedule. He played against Jalen Laque from Brewster….held him to 11 points and also put up 12 points himself. Btw….Jalen Laque is the league, just signed with the Phoenix Suns. You guys might want to do your homework! Is it because he plays for Team Durant!? He dropped 25 points against the Under Armor( Philly Pride) at Spooky Nook!

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